Monday, August 1, 2016

Did I Really Install SQL Server 2016 in Just 2 Minutes?

Earlier this week, I published a video, which you can watch here I demonstrated how one can install SQL Server 2016 with all the possible features turned on. I tried to explain everything you need to know to do a default installation in SQL Server 2016. The total length of the video is 121 seconds.

After the video was published, I was asked by a couple of users that did it really took only 2 minutes for me to install SQL Server 2016. Well, here is the answer, in reality it took around 6-7 minutes, but during installation, there were many moments where the screen was just stuck in the same status for a while. I edited them out and the video is now just of 2 minutes.

Trust me, this is the best possible use of your 2 minutes of time. REMEMBER you can download SQL Server 2016 Developer version for FREE. Additionally, you will have to install SQL Server Management Studio separately in SQL Server 2016 version. Microsoft has introduced a new sample database over in SQL Server 2016. Do not miss out on all these important points. 
All the associated resources are mentioned in this blog post.

Pinal Dave